The Allure of Indian Street Food: Exploring Bradford’s Culinary Delights

Welcome to The Crafty Indian blog! Today, we invite you to embark on an exciting culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Bradford, West Yorkshire, as we explore the undeniable popularity of Indian street food. In a city renowned for its rich cultural diversity and thriving food scene, Indian street food stands out as a delightful option for those seeking a unique dining experience. Join us as we delve into the captivating flavours, vibrant colours, and irresistible aromas that make Indian street food a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

A Symphony of Flavours: Indian street food is renowned for its explosive flavours, which bring together a harmonious blend of spices and ingredients. In Bradford, the presence of authentic Indian street food vendors adds an extra layer of excitement to the city’s culinary landscape. From savoury delights like crispy samosas, mouthwatering chaats, and tangy golgappas (pani puri) to indulgent sweets like jalebis and kulfi, each bite is a burst of taste that captivates the senses.

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Cultural Immersion: Exploring Indian street food is not only a culinary experience but also a journey into the vibrant culture of India. In Bradford, where a significant Indian community thrives, you can witness the authentic flavours and traditional cooking techniques passed down through generations. Interacting with friendly street vendors, you get a glimpse into their stories, traditions, and the passion they infuse into their creations. This cultural immersion adds an extra layer of charm to the dining experience, making it more than just a meal.

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Variety and Customisation: Indian street food is a treasure trove of variety and customisation, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of food lovers. In Bradford, you can savour a wide array of regional street food delicacies, ranging from the fiery flavours of Mumbai’s vada pav and Kolkata’s puchka to the aromatic goodness of Delhi’s butter chicken rolls. Whether you’re a fan of vegetarian delights or crave meaty kebabs, there is something for everyone. The ability to customise your street food experience allows you to create a meal perfectly suited to your palate.

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Socialising and Festive Vibes: When you choose Indian street food in Bradford, you not only indulge in delectable treats but also become part of a lively, social atmosphere. Street food stalls often attract crowds, creating a festive ambiance where people come together to relish their favourite dishes. Sharing a plate of piping hot pakoras or enjoying a refreshing mango lassi with friends and family fosters a sense of community and adds a special touch to the overall dining experience.

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Indian Street Food in Bradford

When it comes to culinary delights, Bradford is renowned for its vibrant street food scene. Among the many contenders for the top spot, one restaurant stands tall, capturing the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike. The Crafty Indian has carved out a niche for itself, earning the title of Bradford’s number one popular street food destination. Let’s take a closer look at what makes The Crafty Indian an unrivaled gem in this thriving food haven.

A Fusion of Authenticity and Innovation:

The Crafty Indian has mastered the art of blending traditional Indian flavors with innovative and contemporary techniques. With each dish meticulously crafted to perfection, the restaurant offers a unique fusion of authenticity and innovation. Whether you’re a street food connoisseur or a first-time adventurer, The Crafty Indian promises an unforgettable dining experience.

A Plethora of Delights:

The menu at The Crafty Indian is a treasure trove of mouthwatering street food delicacies. From aromatic curries to sizzling kebabs, the restaurant serves a wide range of dishes that reflect the diverse culinary heritage of India. Whether you’re craving classic favorites like butter chicken or seeking out regional specialties such as masala dosa or pav bhaji, The Crafty Indian has something to satisfy every palate.

Quality Ingredients and Flawless Execution:

What sets The Crafty Indian apart is its unwavering commitment to quality. The restaurant sources the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each dish bursts with authentic flavors. From locally sourced produce to carefully selected spices, every element of the cuisine is meticulously chosen to guarantee a culinary masterpiece. Moreover, the skilled chefs at The Crafty Indian execute their creations with finesse, showcasing their culinary expertise and attention to detail.

A Feast for the Senses:

The Crafty Indian not only delights the taste buds but also immerses diners in a multisensory experience. As you step into the restaurant, you’re welcomed by a vibrant and inviting ambiance, reflecting the lively spirit of Indian street food culture. The sizzle of tandoori grills, the intoxicating aroma of spices, and the colorful presentation of dishes create an atmosphere that transports you to the bustling streets of India.

Community and Connection:

Beyond its delectable cuisine, The Crafty Indian has become a hub for community engagement and connection. The restaurant hosts events, cooking classes, and food festivals, allowing patrons to dive deeper into the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. Through these initiatives, The Crafty Indian fosters a sense of community, celebrating the shared love for street food and bringing people together through food.


Did you know that we offer catering for up to 60 people at Crafty? No venue hire charge & prices from £12 per person.

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Size Doesn’t Matter

Size Doesn’t matter

Size doesn’t matter

With the cost of living crisis starting to bite, we’re very conscious that lots of people are having to tighten their belts.

Others may feel they need to be a bit more cautious about their spending until they’ve got a better idea how hard things like energy and fuel bill increases are going to hit them.

At The Crafty Indian, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the pleasure of coming out for a relaxing night out and enjoying our delicious Indian Street Food. We don’t want you to feel under pressure to restrict your visits to weekends and special occasions.

We especially don’t want the crisis to have a negative effect on our loyal regulars who’ve been dining here consistently while times were good.

So, we had a good think about how to make sure The Crafty Indian experience is still affordable to all – but without compromising on the quality OR the quantity of our popular main menu. How could we “Help Out to Eat Out”, as the saying goes?

The answer, we believe, is this. We want to draw your attention to our tasty snack menu which offers an equally delicious selection of light bites at very affordable rates, costing under a fiver a dish.

The Crafty Indian is a community venue and we’ve always welcomed craft beer fans to pop in and join us just for a drink and a chat. But, unlike many restaurants, you’re equally welcome to come in for a drink and a light snack meal, or even just a few nibbles, on any day of the week.

You can mix and match our snacks, to make your meal as little or large as you wish. All the snack prices are listed separately on the menu, so you can always keep a tally of what you’re spending.


Choose from delicacies (many suitable for vegetarians and vegans) like:

  • Our Roadside Snacks – a collection of tasty treats that you’d find on street market stalls the length and breadth of India
  • Pani Puri – mini wheat puris served with chickpea, potato and onions, flavoured with spiced tamarind water
  • Veg Momos – vegetables in steamed wheat dumplings, a favourite on the streets of Nepal
  • Onion & Spinach Bhaji – onion and spinach cooked in a chickpea batter
  • Gobi Manchurian – cauliflower florets cooked with peppers in soy and chilli sauce
  • Aloo Tikki – potato cake served with chickpeas, yoghurt, tamarind and coriander chutneys
  • Hyderabadi Murgh Tikka – grilled chicken thighs marinated in yoghurt with spices
  • Parsi Mutton Cutlet – ground mutton and mashed potato cooked with delicate spices
  • Chilli Chicken – chicken marinated in wheat flour cooked with onion and peppers in a soy and chilli sauce
  • Fish Amritsari – fish fillet marinated in chickpea flour and whole spices

Check out the snack menu and prices here:

Meanwhile, for those who still feel able to go the whole hog, we’re currently busy updating our full menu, as well as our snacks, to make it even more amazing while still being great value. Watch this space! 

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

Should food venues take more responsibility for reducing it?

At The Crafty Indian, we believe the answer to that is a resounding “yes.”

Plastic items from takeaway food and drink dominate the litter in the world’s oceans, according to recent scientific studies. Single-use bags, plastic bottles, food containers and food wrappers were found to be the four most widespread items polluting the seas, making up almost half of the human-made waste.

That’s why we’re on a mission to do our bit. By introducing stainless steel tiffins for our takeaways, we’ve already managed to prevent 20,000 containers and 4,000 plastic bags a year from blighting the environment. That’s around 50,000 pieces of single-use plastic kept out of landfill since we introduced the scheme just over two years ago.

We’re known for doing things differently and we decided we didn’t want to continue polluting the planet with plastic by using takeaway containers and bags. We’re proud to now be leading the way on this crucial issue, but our next quest is to increase the impact by encouraging not just more of our customers, but also as many other food venues as possible, to get involved.

So far we’ve sold around 550 tiffins and this number increases by around three to four each week, which means our plastic use is reducing weekly at that rate. Even based on these early numbers, if you multiply it over ten years, just look how much less plastic will go into landfill from our venue alone.

If all takeaways and restaurants in Bradford followed suit, imagine the amount of plastic that would no longer go to landfill. Then multiply that by the venues up and down the country and its clear how big this could get.

The Crafty Indian is a family business with Punjabi heritage – and our owner Harry Khinda got the inspiration from his Dad’s decades-old tiffin, which he brought over with him when his family settled in the UK during the 1960s. Dad Gian Singh carried on using the tiffin to carry his lunch to work at the Hepworth and Grandage factory in Bradford, back in the day.

The Crafty crew had a good old think as to how we could reduce our use of plastic and this led us on a journey back in history and we realised that the answer was staring us in the face. Indians have been using steel tiffins to carry their food around with them at work in the mills, farms, factories and offices for generations.

The reusable tiffins, mostly sourced from India, are three-tiered, with room for a number of meals or courses and have a carry handle, which means there’s no need for a plastic bag either. They keep the food hot until you get it home, which usually means there’s no need for reheating.

So how does it all work? Well, you initially buy your tiffin from the venue for £18.00 but then, each time you use it to collect a takeaway, you get 10% discount on your meal – so it very soon pays for itself and, eventually, you’ll find yourself in credit.

About a quarter of our regulars are now using tiffins, but this is still a journey we’re on. We’re making great progress and eventually we’d like all our takeaways to be served in this way so we can become fully sustainable.

So many people buy into the whole idea because they’re keen to do their bit to save the planet, especially young people who are learning to be more and more eco-friendly and feel it’s all about the small changes everyone can make.

If you want to go plastic free when you order takeaway food from us, please do consider joining the plastic-free tiffin team – just let us know when you place your order and we’ll be delighted to get you started.

Or, if you want to find out more about the tiffins and get involved in the campaign against plastic waste you can contact Harry at The Crafty Indian. Call 01274 588 114 or email